DRUM skimmers

  • CRUCIAL Inc.'s versatile drum skimmers are manufactured in multiple sizes depending on the application. Hydraulic or pneumatic power options are available. Packages include Hydraulic Power Pack (hydraulic option only), Oil Transfer Pump, Hose package, filler/regulator/lubricant (pneumatic option only), and Hose Floats.

    CRUCIAL, Inc. also custom-engineers individual skimmers tailored to the unique specifications of the oil spill clean-up campaign. Contact us to help you select the right equipment for the job at hand.

  • Drum Skimmers - Smooth Drum or with CRUCIAL's Patented "Fuzzy" Coating

    Mini-D or Mini-CD*
    ID18-24 or CD18-24
    ID18-36 or CD18-36
    ID18-48 or CD18-48

    Drum Skimmers are available in both hydraulically or pneumatically powered models
    * Indicates Crucial's "Fuzzy" coating

  • download drum skimmer brochure

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